Kirk Herbstreit Wife Alison Butler – Their 25-Year Marriage and Family Life

Kirk Herbstreit Wife Alison Butler: Kirk Herbstreit has become a fixture in college football broadcasting, known for his analysis on ESPN’s College GameDay. But behind the scenes, he enjoys a long marriage to his wife Alison Butler. This blog post dives into their love story, from college sweethearts to raising four sons today.

Kirk Herbstreit first met Alison Butler back in their Ohio State University days. While he played football, she cheered from the sidelines as a cheerleader. Their romance led to marriage in 1998, and now 25 years later, they remain happily committed.

Alison prefers to avoid the spotlight, supporting Kirk’s career quietly from home. But her role in building their family is invaluable. Read on for the full scoop on Mrs. Alison Herbstreit’s life journey with Kirk.

Alison Butler’s Background

Before meeting their future husband Kirk Herbstreit, who exactly was Alison Butler? While details of her early life are scarce, we know she was born on January 15, 1973, in the United States.

Alison later attended Ohio State University, where she joined the cheer squad. This allowed the university student to combine her passion for dance and school spirit.

Away from sports, Butler studied hard and eventually graduated from OSU with a degree. Little did she know one of the school’s star football players would soon become her life partner.

How Alison Met Husband Kirk Herbstreit in College

Alison Butler first encountered Kirk Herbstreit on the Ohio State campus in the early 1990s. While she cheered on the sidelines, Herbstreit excelled as a quarterback for the OSU football team.

The two student-athletes soon fell in love and began dating. Even after Kirk graduated in 1993, their college relationship continued going strong.

Herbstreit transitioned from playing football to covering it as a sports broadcaster. But this didn’t stop his devotion to college sweetheart Alison. Their OSU connection blossomed into true love.

Kirk Herbstreit’s Marriage to College Sweetheart Alison

After six blissful years together, Kirk Herbstreit and Alison Butler finally tied the knot in 1998. They exchanged vows in an intimate Ohio ceremony surrounded by fellow Buckeye alumni.

According to guests, the nuptials shared a fun, lighthearted spirit reflective of the outgoing newlyweds. Kirk and Alison clearly couldn’t wait to begin their lives together as husband and wife.

Now over two decades later, the former college sweethearts remain happily married. Kirk credits Alison with providing him invaluable emotional support amidst the pressures of his celebrity career.

Kirk and Alison Raise Four Athletic Sons

Perhaps Kirk Herbstreit’s greatest joy is raising his four sons alongside his wife Alison. Their twin boys Jake and Tye arrived in 2000, followed by Zak in 2003 and Chase in 2006.

All four Herbstreit kids grew up loving sports just like their dad. They enjoyed moving to Nashville as Kirk took on an even bigger role with ESPN in 2011. But when the time came for college, Kirk and Alison returned to Ohio so the boys could attend their father’s alma mater.

The Herbstreit twins Tye and Jake currently play NCAA football at Clemson and Ohio State, respectively. Zak is now at OSU as well after transferring from Clemson. Their youngest son Chase is still playing high school football back home in Tennessee.

Kirk loves cheering them on and giving fatherly advice, having walked in their shoes before. With Alison’s support, he’s raised a tight-knit, athletic family.

Alison Butler’s Life Today by Kirk’s Side

Alison Butler prefers to shun the spotlight and has rarely given media interviews over the years. While husband Kirk is on the road covering college football nationwide, home and family seem to be Alison’s main focus.

Being Mrs. Kirk Herbstreit comes with its share of challenges. Rumors have swirled at times over Kirk’s friendship with reporter Erin Andrews. But Alison remains committed to their 25-year marriage.

She enjoys returning to Ohio for game days, where she first met and fell for Kirk. Moreover, Alison takes immense pride in the sons they’ve raised together. She and Kirk contentedly live out their college romance in a lifelong partnership.


In summary, this blog post has illuminated the marriage and family life of Alison Butler, wife of broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit. Since first meeting at OSU long ago, the college sweethearts have forged an unshakeable bond. They now share four wonderful sons and a warm home.

Alison has been Kirk’s faithful companion for over 25 years, navigating the ups and downs of family and an intense sports career. Their enduring love proves that lasting happiness can grow from campus relationships. Kirk surely couldn’t ask for a more devoted partner through it all than Alison.

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