Rugby Star Kevin Sinfield wife Jayne Sinfield and Private Life Partner

Kevin Sinfield wife Jayne Sinfield: In the world of English rugby league, Kevin Sinfield stands as a legend. The former player for Leeds Rhinos and England now coaches defense for the national rugby union team. But away from sports, Sinfield enjoys a fulfilling personal life with his wife Jayne Sinfield.

While Kevin appears regularly in the public eye, Jayne opts for privacy. Still, her unwavering support has been invaluable throughout Kevin’s decorated playing career and inspiring charitable work. This blog post will shine the spotlight on Jayne Sinfield, revealing details on her background, marriage to Kevin, and family.

Who is Jayne Sinfield?

Before meeting her husband Kevin Sinfield, Jayne Sinfield was simply living a low-profile life in her native England. She completed her education and went on to establish herself as an accomplished hair stylist.

Jayne operates her successful salon called Oasis Hair in the city of Leeds. Her top-notch skills and warm personality have earned many loyal clients over the years.

Away from work, Jayne maintains a quiet existence, avoiding the media glare. But her life changed forever upon crossing paths with one of England’s top rugby stars.

The Love Story of Jayne and Kevin Sinfield

Details on precisely how and when Jayne Sinfield met her future husband Kevin remain scant. The couple have guarded the specifics of their romance closely.

However, they had been partners for some time when Kevin’s rugby career began taking off in the late 1990s and 2000s. Even as his stardom rose, Jayne provided a calming constant in his life away from the pitch.

Kevin Sinfield and Jayne Sinfield eventually decided to solemnize their love with marriage at an undisclosed date. It was surely a small, intimate gathering befitting the couple’s private nature.

Nearly two decades later, Kevin and Jayne’s rock-steady union endures as they nurture a family together.

Jayne and Kevin Sinfield’s Family Life

The greatest joy for Jayne Sinfield is raising the two children she shares with her husband Kevin – their sons Jack and Sam Sinfield.

As rugby runs in their blood, it’s no surprise Jack and Sam have embraced the sport. They play rugby themselves, following in the footsteps of their famous father.

Jayne relishes the opportunity to support her boys’ budding athletic pursuits, just as she’s backed Kevin throughout his illustrious career.

With one son now grown and the other a teenager, Jayne savors the special family moments, like cheering them on from the stands. She maintains a quiet but profound influence as a mother.

Jayne’s Role as Kevin’s Rock of Support

Behind every great athlete is a supportive partner, and Kevin Sinfield boasts one of the best in wife Jayne. During Kevin’s playing days, Jayne was his oasis away from rugby’s physicality and mental strains.

She continues encouraging Kevin today as he pours energy into coaching and charitable endeavors like fundraising for motor neuron disease research.

In 2021, Jayne and the whole Sinfield family cheered proudly as Kevin ran seven marathons in seven days, raising over £2 million to combat MND. Witnessing Kevin’s selfless efforts left an indelible impact on Jayne.

Jayne Sinfield’s Low-Key Lifestyle

Don’t expect to find Jayne Sinfield seeking fame or fortune. She maintains a low public profile, declining media interviews over the years and keeping personal social media accounts private.

Jayne simply relishes the bliss of family, watching her sons grow and supporting her accomplished husband. She seems fulfilled by her hairdressing career as well.

While Kevin Sinfield resides in the spotlight, Jayne prefers life’s simpler pleasures away from the cameras. She is a devoted wife and mother above all else.


In closing, while the private Jayne Sinfield shuns the limelight, fans should recognize her invaluable impact on her husband Kevin Sinfield’s life and career. She offered him stability during his rugby days, and still stands staunchly by his side today.

Hopefully, this profile has provided an intriguing insight into Jayne Sinfield – hair stylist, dedicated mom, and the guiding force behind one of England’s most respected rugby stars. She richly deserves acknowledgment and praise for her immeasurable, if quiet, contributions.

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