Tiger Woods Girlfriend 2024, Past Relationship, Marriage

Everyone wants to know who is Tiger Woods girlfriend in 2023. Since Tiger was last in a relationship with Erica Herman, fans are curious to know about Woods’s current relationship status.

Tiger however is not interested in going into any kind of relationship at the moment. He in the fall of 2022 got split with Herman and since then there is no update on his relationship.

Many are assuming, Tiger doesn’t want to get into the relationship until the $30 million lawsuit by Erica Herman is washed away from his head. Previously, he has also faced many lawsuits by his ex-girlfriends.

Tiger Woods’ Past Relationships and Marriage

Tiger Woods has been officially in a relationship with five women and married to one. While there were also many rumors regarding him dating many other women, everything was to get attention from the media.

Elin Nordegren (2004-2009)

Elin Nordegren, the only woman Tiger Woods is married to. The couple got married on October 5, 2004. However, the marriage took a turn after welcoming two children.

The couple couldn’t find any peaceful moment as they were seen arguing most of the time. Such a situation between them led to getting a splitter and the next thing that happened was divorce.

Without any thoughts in mind, Elin filed for divorce. On August 23, 2010, the divorce was settled between Tiger & Elin, and Woods paid $100 million for the settlement.

Rachel Uchitel (2009)

Tiger got into a relationship with Rachel Uchitel while his divorce process was still going on. Shortly after, Rachel announced his relationship with Woods, but this didn’t go any good.

Many other women began announcing their own made-up stories about getting into a relationship with Woods. Jamie Jungers is one of the women who made trash stories to get attention from the media.

Therefore, Rachel Uchitel found it hard to control the situation and got split with Tiger. Their relationship began in 2009 and ended in the same year.

Lindsey Vonn (2013-2015)

In 2013, after taking four years pause from the relationship, Tiger was found dating again Olympic skater Lindsey Vonn. They were together for three years before walking on a separate path.

Lindsey and Tiger used to accompany each other in games. “I will always cherish the memories that we’ve created together. Unfortunately, we both lead incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend the majority of our time apart”, said Lindsey Vonn.

Kristin Smith (2015-2017)

The next person in Tiger’s life surfaced after Lindsey was Kristin Smith. Tiger and Kristin began dating in 2015. They were seen attending many golf events together.

But the relationship worsened when some kind of dispute arose between the couple. Tiger then broke up with Smith in 2017, making his way out of the hectic relationship.

Erica Herman (2017-2022)

Right after splitting with Kirstien, Tiger was found dating a restaurant manager, Erica Herman. They entered into a relationship in 2017 and everything was going well in their life.

Many also assumed that they will be soon getting married. But same as the previous relationship with Tiger, this ended as well. The couple got split in 2022 and Herman placed a $30 million lawsuit against Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods Girlfriend In 2023

So who will Tiger Woods girlfriend in 2023 be? This has brought much attention among the golfer fans. Will Tiger try to get into a relationship and be facing the same issue in a relationship again and again?

Or Woods will now take some pause on these relationship things. This made everyone curious about Tiger’s life. Many are already on the way to getting his attention towards them.

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